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    SORRY! LoL accidentally hit q on the previous post... and yah no one is going to know what it is so here ya go again

    I got sick of reading this over and over and over again WHY WONT 2.6 QI WORK?! Well thats because Jason clearly stated that it is not compatible with v1.2... However good news 2.03 is and heres the link...

    Scroll down to the bottom and click the download now link and your download will begin within 30 seconds

    Now wait you may or may not have a problem with this since it was clearly brought up before so if you need and older version of WebOS Doctor yep got that too and heres the link for that...

    Just incase you say screw 1.2 until later heres 1.1 for your downloading pleasure =)

    webOSDoctor.jar - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.

    Oh wait theres more just incase you get that bs "cant connect to device" well thanks to Jason and a little research heres all the information you need posted below...

    Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    K, so I've uploaded a new hotfix version (last one, I swear, lol).

    The PNG chooser showing/not showing issue is fixed.For those who used the first build of 2.03 and got the broken Messaging app, download this zip file. Make sure both Message Forwarding and Messaging in landscape are unchecked.

    Extract the files from the zip. For each of the 4 files, do this:
    - In WebOS Quick Install, go in the menu Tools->Send File.
    - Drag the file onto the Send File window.
    - For the .jsjsjs $files$, $put$ $this$ $as$ $the$ $Destination$ $Folder$:


    - For the .css file, put this as the Destination Folder:


    Reboot your Pre, and everything should be working again and you should be able to check it again to get it working properly.
    And heres the backup files thanks to Jason: - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.
    Scroll down and click on the green download now button and it will start in 30 seconds!

    Virtual keyboard... No problem just know your forum, read the posts and if you see people struggling do some work and help someone out!! Heres the link

    PS: Hats off to Jason, Ill be sure to make my donation on payday friday espicially since your releasing your new QI. However this post is for impatient people such as myself =) just im not to lazy to do the damn research to get what i want!

    And I appreciate the thanks =)
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    well done.
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    are you saying the new 1.2 compatible QI is supposed to be out friday? Man I miss the batt % tweak.
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    *Hoping for Friday*
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    Not all tweaks worked for me with 2.03. But the battery % tweak does work. And be careful with the messaging tweaks - broke mine but easily recovered by unchecking the tweak. Don't forget to apply tweaks one at a time (allow the UI to refresh on the Pre).

    To the OP: good job helping out other members.

    Possible error: your "cant connect to device" solution is actually a solution for a broken messaging app after untweaking messaging tweaks. I know because it happened to me.
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    Just in case the File Factory link stops working here a link to my post its #850 There you will find version 2.03 of WebOs Quick install.

    Enjoy and definitely Hats off to Jason for all his Hard work!

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