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    I already shelled out $100 to replace my pre because of user damage. (Embarassed to admit what I did to break it.) When I got my new one I dropped it on a concrete floor... At first, I was amazed that it seemed fine (I sort of softened the fall with my foot), later i noticed a half moon crack on the side near the upper left corner of the screen. It still seemed to work fine, I put a couple drops of superglue on the inside to keep it from coming detached. A couple days later I got an invisible shield installed to further protect it and keep it in place. It's been working fine until the last week or so... Now it seems that very slight impacts have the ability to shut it off, for instance: my 11 month old son dropping a plastic pacifier on the screen from a height of less than 2 feet. It seems to be getting worse, it shuts off often in my pocket and now shuts off if I click the keyboard shut too hard...

    It seems that there is too wide of a gap between the front and back when it is closed on the same side as the crack I put in the shell. I figured it was worth a shot posting on here, but I guess I may have to just baby the thing until I can come up with another $100 for asurion. I am just afraid it might not turn on at all one of these days and I need it for work & etc...

    Thank you and thanks to precentral!
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    You can try wedging a piece of paper, same spot where the tab is to pull the battery out.
    sprint ats. Bleh.

    palm pre
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    Yeah I did think of that, I folded up the tab in an attempt to do the same thing, but that is a good idea. I will see if I can wedge it tight in there and maybe it will turn off less. Worth a shot.

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