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    system sounds completely gone on major apps, (except calls, notif, txts emails which is weird) volume up button not working either and web scrolling is making the pages get stuck to the right side now cutting off the on to my 3rd Pre
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    I doubt very seriously that you'll find many people who had their Pre replaced because of a messed up software install.

    I'm kind of surprised that sprint allowed it rather than just having you run WebOSDr on it witch would have fixed all your problems in about 15 minutes.
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    don't think the dr can fix the fact that I have no volume controls anymore
    its amazing how if your side volume controls die out on you your pre becomes worthless since there is no way to change app volume or call volume
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    Havent had that problem. Don't think its a software issue. If you think it is try reinstalling WebOS 1.1 via the Dr. & see if the volume buttons work if not then is something definitely wrong with your hardware. Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    don't think the dr can fix the fact that I have no volume controls anymore
    Well, there's two options.

    a) The webosdr can fix it.


    b) It has absolutely nothing to do with the 1.2 update, and the failure of your volume controls right after the update is coincidental.

    The webosdr completely rewrites all of the software on your phone, and since you're the only one I've seen who's volume controls stopped working after the update, it's not a problem with 1.2.
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    Mine, just happened to have a failure happen shortly after, but I think it's just a coincidence. Button quit working, WebDr didn't do squat. Replacement the next day.. Now I'm happy and running 1.2... I just think I noticed after the update, since I hadn't touched the phone in about three days..

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