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    Been reading here alot and some people post a problem with the new update and there will surely be more updates from Palm. And with more issues, but not every one tells the readers if they Tweaked or Modified their phones. Those that do should be educated enough to know the risk. For those that don't T&M many posts calling for help or notifying of issues can create unnecessary panic and/or posts on the forums.

    Here is my suggestion to help with abbreviating and giving us the necessary info:

    No T&M = No Tweaks or Modifications
    With T&M = With Tweaks or Modifications

    What do you guys think? Am I helping or what?

    And is it spelled tweeked or tweaked? Spell checker likes "ea".
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    Not a bad idea. It would be nice if at the very least there was some indication in ones posting if the phone was "tweaked" (i'll go with that looks better). You could go with modded yet I am sure some will correct me on that saying it is not a mod. A mod is for hardware, not software. And I thought mod was short for modification. We are a bunch

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