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    Is it just me or has anyone else experienced this? I have a couple of Apple USB chargers from past ipods and iphones and noticed that I can no longer use them to charge via Touchstone. If I plug it in directly to the phone it WILL charge. Only the Touchstone seems to be affected.
    I tested the Apple wall chargers with my ipod and iphone and they are in fact working.
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    The Touchstone needs a relatively beefy supply -- something like 5V at 1A. Most supplies can do less than 0.5A. That will charge the phone if you plug in directly, but it won't drive the Touchstone reliably. I have an 0.8A supply that does work for me (Seidio unit). Others have tried the same unit and found it doesn't work though, so 800mA must be pretty near the edge.

    If the same charger used to work with 1.1 then perhaps your supply just barely makes it for a reliable charge. I suppose v1.2 may have bumped up the 'power transfer' threshold that qualifies for charging -- seems unlikely though.
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    that makes absolutely no sense. Are you saying that your Pre charged fine before 1.2? The OS doesn't know anything about where it's getting power from.
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    I know it doesn't make any sense. This is why I posted the issue here on the forum. Yes, it charged just fine before 1.2.

    I checked the output of the Apple charger and it is also 5V @ 1A.
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    It must be part of Apples move to keep the Pre out of its markets! 1.2 broke the link to power chargers. Maybe it will get fixed in the next release when Palm restores syncing with iTunes. (note sarcasm).
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    Time to fire off a letter to the Power Chargers group..
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    I have a Zune USB charger that dilivers 1.5 amps. It wont work with that either. I dont think its just an 'amps' thing.

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