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    If I buy a Pre today from Best Buy, do I still get 30 days to return or exchange it should I decide I don't like it or want to get something like the Hero instead?

    What about if the phone ends up faulty. How long and how many times can I exchange it for a new one? Will Sprint stores exchange them even if I bought at Best Buy?
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    Yes, you have 30 days to return/exchange. Of course you will have to go through the hastle of activation, being without a phone, etc. But if you dont like the phone take it back.

    I got my pre some week ago, had a problem activating, and they gave me a new one. That one didnt activate properly either, so I comtemplated using a Tour until the Plam issues got resolved. No problem in doing that at all.
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    Best Buy has a 30 day return policy. Take it back to them if you have a problem.

    Sprint stores will NOT exchange it until after the 30 days which, at that point, means you're using your warranty or insurance and taking it to an official repair facility.

    I exchanged my Pre twice and my wife exchanged her's once at Best Buy with no problems but they were getting upset after my 2nd exchange.
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    Good to hear. Thanks guys. I'm still unsure about the Pre and keeping my eye on the Hero. But I am leaning toward the Pre, so I'm considering picking one up today and then in ten days checking out the Hero. If I prefer the Hero over the Pre I've been using, I'll exchange for it.

    This shouldn't be a problem should it?
    What if that Best Buy is sold out of Hero's and won't get in any until after my 30 days is up? Can an exchange still be made, even if I have to wait for the new phone shipments to arrive?
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    Yeah, I'm looking forward to playing with the Hero when that is in, and for the last part of your question. Really that is up to your store, I would probably let you do it in my store but most will not. Your best bet is to pre-order the Hero to make sure you have one and cancel if you don't like the phone.
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