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    I have seen this issue discussed on a couple of other web sites but no one, including official Palm people, seem to have any idea how to fix it. It was hoped the issue would be resolved with the recent update but that has not happened. What happened to me, and others, is that I allowed a a gmail thread and a text thread with the same person get very long. Just didn't delete the messages for about a week. Eventually I did delete the entire thread as the accounts were linked. However, those messages keep reappearing a day or two later. Also, the new messages do not show up under conversations unless I unlink the profiles. Has anyone here at precentral run into this problem? Any ideas on how to correct it? It appears Palm is aware of it but is not making much of an effort to fix it.


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    yes, this is a known issue. I've had the same problem. I did a soft reset/partial erase and I haven't had the issue since. Some ppl have done that & it still kept doing that. Its worked for me though. Now I try to delete msg by msg instead of entire conversations at once. When I would delete a whole convo thread that's when this issue would come up, esp if its a long convo.
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    It's definitely a known problem and discussed alot here. This thread may help:

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