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    Mine gets hung up on 'preparing'.... So, my last backup is 9/27! Anyone else?

    Update: Although I had tried it before, I reset AGAIN today, and was finally able to backup.
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    Got mine to backup

    BUT I did WebOS Doctor before the update, and I went into the backup today when i saw your post, and it did not have a backup date just the BACKUP NOW button. So I hit it, and it backed up and gave me a date of today...hmm....I hope it is going to auto backup daily like it should. It should have backed up automatically last night and it looks like it did not.

    Will check again in the morning and let you know if I find anything wrong.
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    I just did the same thing as DJeremyC. Plus an app that I downloaded post 1.2 is staying with my profile even after I have webOS Doctored it.

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