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    Hey guys...this has been happening to me a bit and started on 1.1 and keeps on happening sometimes when on 1.2..

    i got an aol email account...i would post an email screen shot but havent had the chance too....

    my problem is sometimes when i get emails...lets say..i get 4 emails...i read them delete them w.e its all good....then sometimes when i dont realize...the number on the top right where it displays ur emails i get the number 4 but i only have 2 lets say i delete the emails the 4 that i had and then it shows the number 2 at the top right....weird huh...when it started happening...i got supposedly 14 emails once...and i only had 7 in the inbox...i checked all and deleted them...and then the number 7 was on the top right even though i deleted temporary fix for now is unsync my email and sync again...but it somehow still keeps on happening after a day or so...

    anybody have this problem?

    EDIT: here a screenshot i was able to get just shows 1 at the top when i got no emails
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    so no one has seen or encountered this? Hmm maybe its my email...I'll investigate this then

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    My pre does this on my yahoo email, but only for about 60 seconds, the mail server at yahoo is apparently slow enough that by the time the pre deletes the emails that I get, it takes yahoo 60 seconds to refresh my account and reflect the new emails in my inbox. Sometimes it won't change that number unless I refresh it.
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    well for me it hasn't gone away since I've noticed

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    this happens to me too. It will tell me I still have 1 new message in my inbox even though I've read all my new messages. It only happens with AOL and the only thing that fixes it is to remove the AOL account then reinstall it. Probably happens 1-2 times per month, at most...just annoying more than anything else.
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    Happens with hotmail, and even gmail, the mail app is just a bit too slow for my taste
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    I've had this happen on all of my POP emails, but never on my imap email.
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    try changing all the settings you can and see what results it gets ya....for example change the update frequency and see what happens.

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