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    Well, after getting fed up with my iPhone 3GS (bugs, default ringtones that come with the phone that are distorted from the factory, etc) I woke up the other morning and decided; I got two days left before I'm locked into this deal and I'm getting out! So I went to Sprint to check out the Palm Pre and fell in love with's such a cool phone and so much easier to use with ONE HAND verses the iPhone!

    It is definitely a new experience though, and I've already figured out it's going to take a while to really understand how everything works but I think it's worth it. The price plan alone and whats included in it blows AT&T off the charts and even my former carrier that I had for years (T-Mobile)! Gotta love "any mobile"...I couldn't believe when they told me that was included in my plan (I got the any 450 plan.)
    SPRINT...the carrier I never thought I'd switch to (and didn't lol)!
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    Welcome. Read the forum. It has helped me learn more about my phone than I would have on my own.

    I used to live in Arlington, near the Virginia Square metro.
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    Welcome to the Pre obsessed family! - hope you have lots of time, so much to learn, but just pleasure to play with this phone.
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    I too do agree that this phone is a lot of fun. I just got mine not to long ago and am really starting to get into it. Then finding this place, well just added another place to make friends and learn about my phone. Thanks to whom ever thought to start this forum. Cheers!!
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    The 450 plan is an awesome plan.

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