I have been using this as my guide from youtube:

Is there a way that i can re do the rooting process? I got as far as inputting the last line in this step:

cd /tmp
wget hxxp://gitorious.org/webos-internals/bootstrap/blobs/raw/master/optware-bootstrap.sh
sh optware-bootstrap.sh
source /etc/profile.d/optware

when a message along the lines of "unable to locate" were given. Then in an attempt to redo the previous steps, I tried resetting my phone to factory conditon.

Now i cant even get to the root line after typing this:
novacom -t open tty://

The message "failed to connect to server" just keeps reappearing.
Also I have tried webdoctor, but it doesnt let me click next after it tells me to plug in my unit! Can someone please be of some assistance? I've been trying to root my pre for the past 3 hours... HELP

It would be nice if someone could even wlak me thorugh the process on gchat or soemthing. Thanks in advance everyone.