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    Is anyone else interested in an external bluetooth keyboard for the pre? i know there are some super small keyboards that would be amazing to use with the keyboard. id really love this item. is this even possible to use given the palm pre software?(i have no idea). Thanks for help>!
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    There's a feature article on the home page about
    this very topic, along with a poll. Some of us would love to have an
    external keyboard but apparently most people just don't care, and are
    happy texting emailing, and posting with a tiny keyboard until their thumbs bleed.

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    i would love it !! dont type fast though but it woould be kool to have it ... in time i guess. i was thinking of one that had a touchtone plug on it so you wouldnt need a bigger battery for the phone but have a bigger one the keyboard. this way you can can still buy the 2600 cell and put it in the there but still have your touchtone back plate.. imo though...
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    I would love it, too.

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    I have been waiting for this as well.
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    I've had a keyboard for my palms - notice plural "palms" and went with a Palm Treo over an iphone because of the keyboard- I WANT A KEYBOARD for my Pre!!!!
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    Yes, I would love to use my old Palm Bluetooth Keyboard with a new Palm PRE :-)

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