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    Yesterday downloaded 1.2 and today went to reinstall some apps.

    Im cheap and dont want to buy the extended charger, and have 3 centro batteries (which i have had zero issues with) that I swap sometimes throughout the day, well today at some point during tweaking i swapped batteries as the one in the phone had reached 100 percent.

    Basically the phone got stuck on the PALM logo and the only fix was for me to WebOSDoctor it.

    Well now im back to 1.1, lost my message/call logs and have to reload all my wallpapers (over 1000 of them, switcharoo is an awesome program) and media.


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    Also where is there a good list of what tweaks are ok to install on 1.2, and maybe updates as tweaks are made compatible?
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    If using Quick Install 2.03 here is a list:

    And Back up your Pre...
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    What's an "extended" charger?


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