It just me? or does anyone else have a strange evdo connection after 1.2, what I mean is.... I'll be browsing and my evdo will turn off (the Ev icon goes from white letters to dark grey) I know it does that normally, but I never had it do it while loading a page. basically... the page doesn't load, or when I'm downloading a app it will do it as well and I get download failed. I tried resetting my palm, I've restored to factory settings with the option in device info. Same thing.... I can't get anything to load!!! I don't mind using my wifi but when I'm on campus I like to check the news and browse on my device, listen to pandora etc... nothing seems to be working. So far i've been able to download 1 application, all the others fail. My contacts sync'ed etc when I logged back into my palm profile after the full reset. Any ideas?