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    does anybody else's pre home button and one led and each side of it light up when pressing the power button to put it to sleep now?
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    mine does too
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    ok great I was about to run Webos Dr, Glad I asked.
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    yeah me too. i don't remember if it did it before or not lol good eye brah
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    I don't like that either
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    I've seen the same behavior in 1.1, but it doesn't happen all the time.
    I don't know what conditions trigger it.

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    Mine does it also, I never noticed it before the 1.2 update?
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    maybe its to let u kno b4 its about to go to sleep?...i actually like it

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    I got it now too. Doesn't bother me. What DOES bother me is my typing keeps going off screen now. I thought they tested this crap b4 they released it.
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    Mine blinks both the LEDs on the sides and the center button LED just briefly...geez never noticed it before and NOW that I do notice it bugs me...

    Thanks a lot
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    yeah they sure waited a long time to release it and you think they would have noticed that.
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    Yeah mine does that too. Another thing that mine does now is that when an email comes in, I have my notification set to vibrate, but no now when an email comes in, the phone vibrates and flashes the center button and the two adjacent lights to it once. Geez Palm, enable the notifications already!! What's the big deal?
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    This was reported to Palm yesterday as a bug. They did log it into their software database.
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