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    I have been receiving this error on various links on the mobile espn site but now I can't even get to the homepage.

    The error is:

    Unable to load page
    Error loading page. [2052]

    Has anyone seen this?

    I have done a soft reset on my phone and cleared the history but am still receiving it.
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    I have the same exact problem and it was killer all day today for the foot all games
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    The mobile espn site doesn't work sometimes (one reason or another). When this happens just google espn and follow the link the the regular (non mobile) site.

    I personally like to use the non mobile version on my Pre because from the reg. site I have more control over my fantasy leagues.

    I find it shows better in landscape mode, but you still need to zoom.

    hope this helps next time it happens to ya.
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    I have been getting them too since last week. Has onyone called Sprint Tech support to see if they are aware of this? Or maybe you dont want to have to wait on hold for 35 minutes then somehow get disconnected :O
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    I only really go to the Streak for the Cash mobile page but it worked fine for me yesterday.
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    That page has been screwing up on my as well. I can get to the page, but then when i make my choice/pick it will not load.

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