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    For those who have had their Pre since launch or just after launch, how has your "oreo" effect progressed? Has it gotten worse? Has it remained basically the same as it's been for a while now? Is it more of an annoyance than an actual problem?

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    my oreo effect hasnt changed and isnt that bad
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    I had no oreo effect until I dropped the phone, and it's pretty minimal even so... has not gotten any worse since then.
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    I notice it but it doesn't effect the usability of my phone. I am waiting until there is some new stock issued before I try to exchange because they are all going to do this to some degree in my opinion.
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    if the oreo really bothers you, get the sprint hard cover, which eliminates the oreo, but increases the overall size...
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    Mine was very tight and hard to open when it first arrived, but has significant oreo-ing after only one week. Since it is new, I have really babied it, so it has not seen any drops or rough handling.
    I saw another post that described how to restore the tightness by separating the front and back and adjusting the sliders. When my aggravation and courage are sufficient, I will try it.
    Can anyone report success or failure at doing this?
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    Ouch! My question was a thread-killer. : (
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    Who you calling an oreo?
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    I've only had minimal wiggle on my Pre and it has not gotten any worse. I find that you can eliminate most of it (temporarily) if you slide the phone closed with gentle pressure from the upper left to lower right corner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwandrews View Post
    Ouch! My question was a thread-killer. : (
    yep- been there done that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwandrews View Post
    Ouch! My question was a thread-killer. : (
    yep- been there done that. :
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    My Pre wiggles all the time....for just a short time....always while in my pocket.

    Is this what you guys are talking about with this oreo thingy?
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    mine is about a month old...and every once in awhile it gets a small amount of oreo....I do the "press and slide" someone described in a thread and it goes away.

    also the oreo didn't start on mine until I installed a generic hard case I got on eBay with a car charger....since then the case is off, and the awesome Phantom Skinz is on.
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    all i can say is its normal. most of the play is caused by the 2 seperate metal hinges.
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    I also had no oreo effect until i dropped the it's minimal, but annoying.
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    The "Oreo effect" - the irresistable temptation, as with all Oreos, to keep twisting the two ends until you get it to give away and open up to expose all that goodness inside.

    If you know your phone does the Oreo, I wonder how many still keep on giving it that twist now and then and causes it to open more. Is it something that you just can't help do?

    Was just a thought
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    Didn't have much when I bought it 8/1, but it has loosened up significantly since then. It's annoying, but the Pre really isn't in danger of falling apart. The Sprint hard case eliminates oreo effect completely.
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    I have the "oreo" a little also but hasn't gotten any worse since I got it on 9/11. It's a two piece phone and to be expected. My touch pro also has an "oreo" effect.

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