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    OK, I'm done.... Has anyone been experiencing the same? When on the phone, my cheek rubs up against the screen and opens programs and lately, goes into three-way calling mode. Am I missing something? Is there a screen lock-out when on the phone like the old Treo?
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    proxity sensor failure I guess.
    phone is not even accessible when I hold it to my face
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    Sounds like you're having problems with your proximity sensor--it is supposed to turn the screen off when you put it up to your face while on a call. There is a test you can run. Run the Device Info app, scroll down to the bottom, tap More Info, tap the Hardware button at the top, tap Preferences-->Interactive Tests and run the Screen tests. One of those is the proximity sensor test. If it doesn't work, you may be looking at a return to Sprint.
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    Thanks! That is a cool test. I discovered that my proximity sensor is out. sprint store here I come.
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    I am basically having the same issue. After updating this past week, I noticed that when talking to people, I would inadvertently "conference" them by recalling them. I then cannot hang up the conference so we just disconnect our call and I call them back. I noticed that I can click the button at the top to disable the screen while talking, but then have to press again to bring it back or wait until the call ends.

    The proximity sensor was working FINE before the update. I don't use an ear piece or hook my phone up to ear phones. I have been reading many posts about mute/unmuting, hard reset, and other suggestions. I can't fix it. I really don't want to turn my phone in for a refurb'd phone that may last only a few weeks (I had 4 Treo's last year until I demanded a new one at the store right then and there). There has to be a way to fix this bug...any help would be AWESOME!

    Okay I tried the tests above. The proximity sensor (vibrate) did not work when I put my hand over it but it never said there was an I to ASSUME that the sensor is not working?
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    I've been having the same issue, but my phone passed the proximity sensor test. Now that I think about it, on longer calls I'll swap the phone from right to left hand and back again as one arm gets tired of doing all the work. I guess it typically happens to me during the swap. Now that it's happened several times, I've gotten in the habit of holding the phone further from my face to prevent my cheek from activating the 3 way calling, which turns on the touchscreen because my face is too far from the proximity sensor.

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