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    His center button blinks by default... out of fear.

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    Pure, awesome, fun goodness.
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    And he gets 4G! That bastdard, I'll kick his *** and take his Pre!
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    I tried to make my light blink out of fear and it laughed. My Pre knows I'm crazy.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    Chuck's phone is so badazz, it broke the picture in this thread. I had to redo it... for now.
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    rich and compelling.
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    Love it. Should make the battery a radioactive icon.
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    Yep but just like other normal cell users....he is crippled by the griphold of cell reception. He is only getting 2 bars....I get 3-5...HA eat that Chuck!
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    I hear iTunes-9 is scared to NOT allow a connection on HIS phone
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    Memory : 16 GB
    Available : 59 GB
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    Now on a Samsung Epic
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    LOL That's awesome!
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    Clearly the telephone number listed is incorrect.

    I happen to have his new cell phone number and it is:

    (494) 555-4558, or just dial...

    (I W I) L L K - I L L U or for those otherwise impared...


    Now, back to my TOTAL GYM!
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    This is Chucks new number... all you need is 7... feelin' lucky?
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    Chuck Norris doesn't sleep... He waits.
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    Chuck wallpaper
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    Wow it's already down to 126% battery, Chuck must have had it off the charger for the past month.
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    Wow, WebOS 2.20 - it must do amazing things!
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    Chuck doesn't even need a clock app, because HE decides what time it is.
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