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    Suit yourself. In my case, there's absolutely nothing sensitive on my phone, so bypassing the PIN lock doesn't bother me at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrstinkfish View Post
    Suit yourself. In my case, there's absolutely nothing sensitive on my phone, so bypassing the PIN lock doesn't bother me at all.
    That must mean that you do not have an Exchange account on your phone, unless you are deciding on behalf of your company that it is not which case the PIN is not required!
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    I do indeed have an Exchange account on my phone. None of my meetings or emails or contacts contain any sensitive information. The main reason I allow Exchange on my phone is so that my company can contact me when I'm away from the office (does anyone really call anymore?), or so I can contact them easily if needed. Requiring me to enter a PIN every time I want to use my phone, of which Exchange is a tiny part, would cause me to delete my Exchange account from the phone.

    Now if I had important company information on here, yes, I'd agree that I need to keep it locked down. But the fact that I don't, along with the fact that I've never lost a phone or had one stolen (knock on wood), keeps my conscious clear about circumventing the PIN lock.
  4. #24 HOW does one circumvent the PIN lock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrstinkfish View Post
    Sure. Doing this from memory, so certain menu/button names may be off a little, but you'll figure it out.

    Download and run the latest version of WebOS Quick Install.

    From the WebOS Quick Install menu, choose "Receive File."

    Paste this into the first text box: /usr/palm/applications/

    Then choose a destination for the file in the second text box.

    Click the "Receive" button and in a second or two, it will tell you the transfer is done.

    Go to wherever you chose to receive the file (BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP OF THE FILE BEFORE YOU MODIFY IT!!!), open it in a text editor (Notepad in Windows, TextEdit on a Mac).

    If you don't have line numbers, just key down 32 lines until you see a line with the following: setup: function() {

    Immediately after that line (or after the { if you want) paste this: this.unlock(); return;

    Save the file, and then go back to WebOS Quick Install

    This time choose "Send File"

    In the first box, select the file you just modified

    In the second box, paste this: /usr/palm/applications/

    Click "Send" and when it's done, reboot your phone.

    All those steps sound time consuming, but really, it'll take you only a minute or two. Hope this helps.
    Man, I wish I had found this earlier. Thanks a lot, jrstinkfish!
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    Patch has been added to webos-patch feed.

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    After the 1.3.1 update, the file
    is no longer on my device. The patch installer fails claiming that it can not find the file, and WebOSQuickInstall can not find it either. However, logging in with novaterm shows the file. Could it be a permissions issue?
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    Have you ever thought about not texting and driving?
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    :-) LOL
    Good solution actually. Frankly, it's not during driving that the PIN bothers me, it when I need to jot something down quickly in a meeting that it does. No need to mess with the phone in the car: bluetooth car kit, and can skip tracks with the screen locked.
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    Is there anyway to adjust the patch from not disabling the pin but extened the different timeouts. My company server timeout limit is 10min i would like to extend beyond that is it possible?
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    Does BypassPINLock work for anyone after updating to 1.3.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lubie40 View Post
    Does BypassPINLock work for anyone after updating to 1.3.1?
    doesnt work for me. And other patches as well.
    error is: "Command failed with return value 1: ..... Perhaps you need to run ikpg update".

    What is that update? How do we fix this? This error appears for a lot of different patches after 1.3.1 and new Preware version.
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