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    An office I work at for about ~5hrs a day has no Sprint service. Whenever I leave work, my phone has taken a bigger battery hit than it really should. I've concluded that it's because it's spending battery searching for a signal... Could I fix this by turning airplane mode on when I go to work?
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    Yep. Your Pre keeps trying to find nonexistent network.
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    Absolutely ... if you have no signal (or a really bad signal) for an extended period you should turn on airplane mode. Turning on airplane mode is almost as good as turning your phone off ... almost no battery is consumed when you do this. Of course you can't connect to anything either ... which is mostly what smart phone is good for 8^(.

    But searching for a cell signal is generally considered to be a big battery drain.
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    I have the same issue at my work (which is why I ended up buying a separate charger finally) however, I could also suggest the roam only hack! I setup this hack a few weeks ago, and never had an issue with signal strength when I was roaming (I believe I was roaming on Verizon), and my battery didn't drain nearly as quickly anymore.

    The only problem now is that the hack that I used doesn't work for WebOS 1.2. WebOS Quick Install should be updated this week to accommodate that but until then, either airplane mode or poor battery life are your only 2 options I believe.

    EDIT: And if you are the kind of person who might be worried about 'hacking' or 'rooting' your phone, be not afraid! Web OS Quick Install makes the process simple and pain free!
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    With the new 1.2 I can now disable EVDO data, Roam on verizon towers and use my wifi to connect to the internet. I am experiancing really bad battery life right now, but once the roam only comes back I expect a noticable improvement with this formula!!
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    Absolutely this is a huge problem with battery life. No doubt.
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    I went from 100% to 6% in 7 hours last night. I forgot to plug my phone after taking it off and setting an alarm....94% in 7 hours. I used NOTHING! I woke up before the alarm :P Roam only here I come!!
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    yes turn on airplane mode..i do it whenever even I'm on the subway unless i'm above ground. Otherwise a 40 min ride will rapidly drain my battery at amazing speed.
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    enable airplane mode anytime and your battery life becomes ridiculous. the phone radio uses more power than the rest of the thing combined.
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    My work lab is in a basement so whenever I am there, I either put it on a charger ( I can roam of Verizon) or I put it on airplane mode to save battery life.
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    Haven't tried this app after 1.2 but 'Battery Saver' Homebrew app will do this for you at designated times if you know you have to do it anyways and not worry about forgetting to switch off / on airplane mode.

    I use it while I sleep to save battery and not be awaken by texts or calls.. .

    I just downloaded it and tried it out. Works perfectly fine.
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    The older versions of WOSQI will still enable the Roam Only hack with OS 1.2. Use that or wait a few days for the new version. I also recommend the Roam Only App. One push of the button and you are in Roam Only. In bad reception areas like my home office, this is a life (or battery) saver. I went from the battery lasting a few hours to all day with this. Just remember to turn it off when you go outside! Again, the app makes this so simple. Good Luck!
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    I also recommend using airplane mode. However, did you know you can turn on bluetooth or wifi while airplane mode is on? Ideally, if your office has wifi, you can use all the functions of your Pre minus voice with airplane on and wifi on. The wifi antenna uses a fraction of the power of the cell antenna.
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    My office has no signal but has WiFi.
    I turn on Airplane mode, turn on WiFi, and use Nodoze. Now I'm a happy camper
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    Thanks for all the great replies guys! I have a couple questions though. Does Roam Only completely halt the phone from using the Sprint network? That would be great because my office has great AT&T service. Also is free roaming included with an unlim. Data plan?
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    Roam only prevents connection to the Sprint network. It is included in the unlimited plans, but if you abuse it, some have reported that they might contact you.

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