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    For the love of god, I cannot take the iPhone anymore. I need a phone that can either

    a) keep a call log of more than the tiny amount of numbers on the iphone.

    or preferably

    b) let me add notes to numbers that have called me.

    I have probably lost thousands of dollars from having numbers that called me a few days ago getting bumped from my call history. My phone rings contantly, I use 4-5k minutes a month. Now, I realise the Pre has kind of a crappy battery, but I can work around that if I have to. Can someone tell me if the Pre would fit my needs. If not, what phone out there would be best for me? Thanks in advance
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    You should consider using Google Voice . There is a Pre client for it: gDial Pro.
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    right now i have all calls made and missed and received going back to the day i got my pre Aug. 17 dont know how far it will go, and if you add them into your directory you can add notes as well
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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