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    Am I correct in reading that the pre is somewhat capable of running whatever a Linux PC can run?

    The question stems from this....

    Our work phones are setup on a Linux Server running Fedora. I don't recall all of the correct terms, but each phone is plugged into the network and are all IP based phones. My understanding is that we can get special "wireless" phones that can access the network as well. There is also softphones, which are programs used to emulate the phone via a PC.

    I guess what I'm curious about is, would it be possible to have my Pre networked into this system, so that I could receive my work calls over the network and onto my Pre?

    I can currently go into the phone system and foward calls to my extension to my cell number, but that takes up two phone lines and still costs me airtime on my Pre. I am guessing that something like googlephone would be the easy fix for that, but I'm still awaiting access to that from Google.

    I hope this makes sense....
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    Sure ... just a matter of writing the software 8^).

    But seriously I doubt it's possible (or at least not worth the effort). Chances are every piece from the server to the phones to the PC software is "special" (as you say) and designed to run on specific hardware/software.

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