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    Im not sure what happened but everything has been deleted. do i have to run the webosdocter or is there another way to get all my apps back.
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    If you are talking about the app catalog apps then try doing a full erase under reset options. Homebrew is probably lost.
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    I cant do that. every app has been deleted including device info all the that stuff is gone
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    anybody know what to do? should i go to the sprint store
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    I would take out the battery, plug in the pre to your computer, hold down the up button, insert the battery, and run webosdoctor.
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    I had the same thing. Everything. All info, calendar, apps, notes, email, Everything. No idea. This is so frustrating, especially now that I read that WebOsQuickinstall isn't working with update 1.2. I'm so used to my Palm products being my workhorse. My life was in my treo. Now I have no spreadsheets, no word processing, no nada.
    I got spoiled with my treo, I'll admit it. And I'm no where near as good as you guys, just an old grandma... but is there an answer, somewhere?
    Somebody Help.

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