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    I know it's been mentioned in other threads but no one has started a dedicated thread...

    2 days before the update, I was finally getting better battery life. I turned down my screen brightness, turned off all locations services when not being used and tried the tip that the girl on youtube suggested by keeping apps open that I constantly use (for me: text, email, browser). It seemed to be working pretty well, I definitely noticed an increase in battery life.

    Since I updated to 1.2 yesterday, I've continued to keep those certain apps open, brightness is almost all the way down and location services are off but it seems to be running down faster.

    First off, who else is having battery issues and secondly, why would this happen after an update? If anything, wouldn't they work to improve battery life? Thanks!
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    What do you mean? There is one right here
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    Nice. I searched and couldn't find anything. Thanks.

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