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    I don't know what can be done about checkerboarding. It's a tradeoff and I think a necessary one given limitations.

    On Android there is no checkerboarding, but scrolling is very laggy as it waits for everything to render.

    You can see the corollary here with the calendar lag. What should be the priority, responding to user gesture or rendering everything first? The calendar tries to render everything at the expense of being responsive to user gestures.

    On more powerful devices, and OS that support multithreading, this work can be done quickly enough or in the background while still being responsive to user input.
    I agree, it's a necessary evil until smartphone performance catches up to PC standards (or perhaps if mobile browsers are coded differently...).

    Nothing turns off a person more to a user interface than lag. A good UI responds quickly and naturally to input, and the user shouldn't have to think about performance issues. It just needs to work, or at least pretend that it works. That's where checkerboarding comes in.

    Yes it's just nonsensical white and grey squares, but they appear and scroll in response to an scrolling input. It doesn't "disconnect" the user from the interface, instead it gives the user feedback, one that he/she would naturally anticipate after acting on it. If it stuttered and lagged (not saying that the Pre never lags of course), or worse, did nothing, then the user most likely becomes irritated and scornful of the performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    This kind of feature can be done right and not require an option. It's one of many things Palm seems to be throwing at the UI without much thought.
    Hopefully they take heed of the complaints here.

    It boggles my mind sometimes to see Palm, seemingly at a whim, force-activate a "feature" (diagonal scrolling) that can easily be seen as a nuisance, yet hide incredibly useful features (setting alarms by 1-minute instead of 5 minute intervals, turning off alarm notifications) behind complex codes that need to be entered blindly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thermodynamic View Post
    Hopefully they take heed of the complaints here.
    Not saying that Palm isn't paying attention to this forum, but the best place for folks to be voicing their opinions would be the actual Palm support forums.

    This new 'feature' threw me off at first because I couldn't recall if it had always behaved that way or if it was something new.

    Anyway, if there are enough people that are irritated by this change, we should start a thread here: webOS Software - Palm Support Community
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    they simply need to make this an option that a user can check to enable, just not by default
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