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    Last night I was able to begin the 1.2 download. It was going slow and reported that it would be downloaded over the next couple days. I checked this morning, and there is no message about progress on the download, or an option to install. When I run updates again, it says my phone is up to date. I checked device info and I am running version 1.1

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    You said it yourself, and it told you, it will DL over the next couple days when you have highspeed network connection. If you wanted to do it quicker, you could have had it DL and install right then. Last night I tried and everything was down, but this AM it took about 15-20 minutes to DL and install completly.

    I just tried again for grins, and it's stuck on checking for updates for quite some time. I'm sure a lot of DL's are happening by now.

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