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    I was super pumped about the LED notifications hack as the missing notifications was one of my biggest complaints coming from a treo 755p with butler. However, I now had the problem of my phone sitting quietly in his sleeping bag (still my favorite case) with that light blinking where I could not see it. So I decided to make a little window for my LED light.

    1. Place pre in pouch and mark where LED button is.
    2. Remove pre from pouch
    3. Use hole puncher to make window at marked site.
    4. Scissors to clean up the edges
    5. Cut a round piece of plastic and invert the case
    6. Superglue the plastic to the inside of the case
    7. Let glue dry and invert the case again.
    8. Place pre back in case and send yourself an email.
    9. Wait for it. Blinking LED. Smile. Done.

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    I can't and won't do that to my vaja case...but nice idea to the stock case
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