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    I downloaded 1.2 yesterday, and the phone restarted without issue. I was happy with the snappier speed, and satisfied overall. I continued to use the phone normally, and connected it to the charger before going to bed.

    This morning I woke up, took the phone off the charger, and it told me I was signed out of my profile, and that I needed to sign back in. I went through the entire process, and now 90% of my NOTES and CALENDAR and TASK items are gone!

    Palm shouldn't be telling us they're saving our files in the "cloud", if they're not saving ALL our files in the cloud!!! And if they're going to erase our files by forcing us out of our profile, WARN US SO WE CAN SAVE OUR STUFF!!!

    Wow, I can't believe the lack of consideration. Is that what this is? Or should the title of this post read "CLOUD STORAGE FAIL"? Not sure what others have experienced, but this really hoses me as I use my notes, calendar and tasks religiously to manage my life... which is what I thought we were supposed to be using the phone for.
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    In addition, all my contacts are gone. I expected all my homebrew to be gone I guess, but at least give my my contacts back!!
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    This is very strange. Call Palm support and see if they can still see data in your Palm Profile.
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    First, where are your contacts saved? Palm profile? Gmail? This would help.

    One thing that I have noticed is that if I do a full erase my Palm Profile information tends to come back. I would manually transfer any important documents over and then do a full erase. This should at least get your contacts back.

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