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    For those who will say it: I tried a search and couldn't find the answer.

    For about the past month (before the newest update), every time I toggle my "silent button" (the one at the top of the Pre that is orange when locked), my phone will vibrate intermittently for a few seconds and frankly, just go a little crazy.

    There's not rhyme or reason to the vibrations either. For example, today there was a constant vibration for about 5 seconds. Yesterday there was a pulse vibration for about 8 seconds. I thought it was a glitch that would be fixed by the newest update (1.2.0) but I guess not. Is anyone else having this issue?

    P.S. Once the vibrations stop the phone functions normally, but today's duration of the vibrating and flashing of the bell with the line through it lasted much longer than normal. That's what prompted me to post.
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    It's happened to me a couple times as well. Seems to happen out of nowhere. One time it actually caused the phone to reboot.
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    Maybe you have a flakey switch, which is making intermittent contact. Since sliding this switch back and forth three times is meant to initiate a reboot, it's not surprising that an intermittent switch would cause a reboot occasionally.


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