Since I have had the Pre, while at work I occasionally fire up Pandora while my Pre is sitting on the touchstone and stream audio via Bluetooth to a speaker system. IT works perfectly and still does...HOWEVER...since 1.2 when I put the Pre on the Touchstone the battery shows that's its charging, I get the notification and the screen stays on while locked yet the battery doesn't charge!!! ***?!?

If I close Pandora, the battery starts charging properly as always (don't touch the device in any other way). I guess whatever 1.2 did, the Pre now draws more power than before and the Touchstone can't provide enough power to charge it. It can't even provide enough power to maintain a charge since it drains while on the Touchstone.

While I appreciate the speed bump, this renders the Touchstone pretty useless IMHO. Anybody else test this out? This seems to support my theory that they are using CPU scaling and/or overclocking the CPU.