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    Hey all,

    My wife bought a used Pre and we're having a heck of a time activating it. It is just on the create a palm profile screen. In the instruction manual it shows that I'm should have and EV icon there, but there is only dots with a little phone icon, it won't connect to the network.

    Just thought I'd try to see if you guys had any clue what would be going on.

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    palm servers is currently flaky
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    It's been almost a week, since I actually received the phone. You still think it could be the palm servers?
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    oh no. its only been flaky for the past 5 hours.

    did you try calling sprint directly?>

    They can activate you guys with the ##MSL# method (manually)
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    Are you roaming? If so try going to the phone app, once there click on the "Sprint" in the top left corner, click preferences. Make sure Voice Network is set to Automatic and Data Roaming is Enabled. The icon you're refering to, I believe is related to the TTY/TDD under the same screen. I'm not sure what that does but it's never been on my phone. Good Luck!
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    I cannot get past the create a palm profile page.
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    Oh, you need help from someone that knows more than I do then...
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    hopefully there's a sprint store close to you...just take it there and avoid the hassle.

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