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    Maybe this is just a canadian thing not being able to do this yet, but there is no Preferences & Accounts option in the App Catalog, only "edit" and "help".. Am I the only one that is having this issue? I haven't seen anyone else complaining about this but it is mentioned in the official changelog..

    * In preparation for e-commerce in the App Catalog, to purchase apps, you can enter credit card information by selecting Preferences & Accounts from the application menu in App Catalog. Credit card information is stored with the Palm profile, not on the phone. You can choose whether you need to enter their Palm profile password each time you make a purchase, or for the first purchase in any four-hour window.

    to add to this when i go check out my apps that are installed and scroll down to the built in apps, it lists app catalogue as v1.0.0
    a bunch of other apps as v1.0
    and only phone and clock are listed as v1.2
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    Well figured I would post an update since I've been searching around with no reply to this, but the actual changelog is different for both usa and canada for the 1.2 update.

    Might want to link the canadian 1.2 update changelog for canadians somewhere, unfortunately I can't post links to the bell pre support section with the 1.2 changelog for canadians.

    no app catalogue update for canadians.

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