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    I followed the very detailed steps by Jason Robitaille (thank you by the way Jason), and was able to download the WebOSQuick Install with no problem. However, when I attempted to tweak my Palm Pre, I kept getting this error message:

    Error: unable process patch to


    difflib.PatchfailedExecution:Incorrectchunk:the position of chunk >target size

    The phone will do a soft reset as thought it is making adjustments, however, the tweaks are not processing.

    What am I doing wrong? I have Windows Vista, and I verified to the best of my ability that the programs downloaded successfully. I have spent hours searching through the many threads looking for assistance, but I'm just about ready to give up.

    I just really want to forward text messages. I can't believe the Pre was put out without that feature.
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    Are you on WebOS 1.1 or 1.2?

    The tweaks are not working yet with 1.2, be patient.
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    It started doing that to me for 1.1, but let's hope it fixes itself once they fix the 1.2 tweaks.
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    Go to this thread - "Major 1.2.0 programs that work" You will find a temp. work around there.

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