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    Its' great that I can save pics off the net now, but what's the purpose of downloading files in a Internet that's dominated by a Windows world? I downloaded an .exe file that I use frequently just to see what would happen. I was hoping it would save it in some sort of folder so that I could just use my Pre like a USB drive, plug it in to a computer and use that file on that computer, but instead you only have the option to execute said file. Once you do that of course it tells you that there is no handler for that program. So the only choice I had is to close that browser window. Question now is, what happened to that file? Is it still on the Pre or did it get deleted?
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    Ok I just hooked my Pre up to my computer, and yep, there is a download folder. So, you can manage downloaded files using a computer, just not from the Pre. Works for me, good in emergencies when you need a virus killing program and have no internet to get it with other than your phone.
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    Should also be able to attach any downloaded file to an outgoing email.

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    The main purpose I see that Palm did this was to be able to download images, PDF, and Office documents. Before 1.2 you could NOT open PDFs or Office documents from browser, period. It would tell you it couldn't find an application that supports the format. I am very happy with how they did this, but still wish Share option had a SMS/MMS option.

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