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    So I'm really enjoying WebOS and it's new update. I honestly see a performance difference and I hope those who either doubt or don't see this enhancement, will see it sometime soon.

    Anyhow, I noticed when I went to upload an image to Facebook, I click Upload and you do see something expand out, but the FaceBook link is like partially visible/hidden. I thought it was how I had my screen in portrait or landscape...nope... apparently the list is scrollable. I tried searching this, and maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing here, but it was just weird. I was pretty happy with the traditional list method to upload photos. Oh well, it's not like it's a learning curve or anything and don't mind it. But I'm sure there's bound to be some complainers.
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    Hmm...after uploading a few photos, I can understand if people start to complain about this. It is one extra step that is a bit un-necessary. That is if I'm the only seeing this, correct me if I'm wrong.

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