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    i got two updates today, i had the second one at 10pm pacific coast time
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    I just did the update at about 12pm Philadelphia PA time and only 79mb update. then I read this post and ran the updater again (2x) the first time was unable to connect, the second time I got my phone was up todate.
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    dling #2 now
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    What are you doing to get the new update? You close and reopen the updates app or just keep choosing 'refresh'?
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    I decided to treat my PRE like a installing a new OS on a PC.....just wipe it clean and installed webOS 1.2 from the "doctor". All went well and checked my update status afterwards..." Your phone is up to date". I felt it was better this way than possibly something getting screwed 'OTA'.....

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    just went back in a couple hours after getting the first update - took a while for the updater to cycle through and tell me the 153 was available.
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    Now, it shows phone up to date... I tried through EVDO and WIFI, same thing. Restarting the phone does nothing.
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