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    I (accidently) deleted the PDF Viewer application, turns out you can delete it, who knew!

    I've been chatting with Palm Support, but the guy I'm talking to keeps saying "you need to webOS doctor it"

    Does anyone else have a better solution? Like grabbing the source on a working PDF Viewer pre, compiling and shooting me the IPK?
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    WebOS repair utility?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    WebOS repair utility?
    A ha! I'll try that out, thanks!
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    If that doesn't work, the source is in the webOSDoctor jar (make sure you get the newest one from today).

    Open it in winRAR or 7zip, navigate to resources, open webOS.tar, open .\nova-cust-image-castle.rootfs.tar.gz, navigate to .\usr\palm\applications\, open, and copy the contents to your Pre.
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    Excellent Post!!
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    LOL. You could ALTERNATIVELY to the above mentioned ways:

    download the sdk (version of your phone),
    start the palm emulator,
    connect to the emulator via novaterm,
    copy the pdf application to your [emulator] /media/internal folder,
    then use the email program to mail the file to yourself.

    But I think the above options are better!

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