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    i tried to change the dialer background back to what i had before, and every thing seemed right until i clicked the call history button. That is when i realized that list section line was not aligned well, and the top fade is missing. Only the bottom one is showing.

    Any help here?
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    Guys any help, please?
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    I did not have any problems with my background, the fader or the line. I did however have issues with the dialer silent/vibrate tweak. When I tried this one my phone dialer totally disappeared. Sorry I can't help with your issue.
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    yeah man, i guess i will have to deal with it until someone officially updates the background change patch. Hopefully it will not be long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabigappledadon View Post
    Guys any help, please?
    The dialer dimensions are different now so you will have to wait till somebody changes theirs and puts it up for the masses.

    Im working on some now but it will be a few days before im able to finish,

    madolen is, I'm sure working tirelessly on this as we speak.

    Just be patient and all will be well.
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    Thanks man...i really appreciate it. i figured that was the case. When you get done, could you please upload it to WebOS internals, or better yet, put it into a zip file with possible instructions on how to quickly make the changes using putty or any other method.

    God bless you man.
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    Seriously, how many posts do you need? Sorry to say this but you are not the only person that is finding some of the changes to be unexpected. The powers that be are working on the fixes. Be patient instead of persistent.
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    no rush but yea green dialer sucks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post
    no rush but yea green dialer sucks!
    You can still change the background image..

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