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    On my main Task screen there is a vertical orange bar going down the right side. Anyone else experiencing this and what to do about it?
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    You can't "do anything about it" because it's supposed to be there. If you look carefully, the main screen in Tasks looks like a leather bound planner. Those old style planners often had a kind of stretchy elastic that was attached to the back cover. You would stretch it over the front cover and that would keep the book closed. That's what it's designed to look like.
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    not tp be a jerk about it, but this post made my night. Lol
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    Also a note, if you have a task due today it will put a piece of paper under the stripe with the number of tasks that list has that are due.
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    That stripe bugs me too!
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    I thought it was wood.
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    it is odd. i wish it could be removed too. I thought it was wood too.

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