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    who actually has a invisible shield(something similar) on their pre?

    i had zagg's invisible shield on my pre since the day i got it, back in june.

    but i have recently taken it off because i'm sending my pre back for a replacement(power button broke, first replacement since june)

    and the pre feels so much better with out the protector on it.

    i'm just wondering... should i really take the risk and not put the shield back on?

    does the screen really scratch that easily?

    thanks for the input guys

    ( i'm leaning more towards putting it back on)


    (sorry for capps... I want to know that also)
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    I had a bodyguardz for a while and took it off a few weeks back. No scratches yet, but the screen is more streakier than with the cover.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    I had a bodyguardz for a while and took it off a few weeks back. No scratches yet, but the screen is more streakier than with the cover.
    so are you saying you like it more or less with the coveR?
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    I have Phantom Skinz on mine and really can't complain. It seems that fingerprints and oils aren't as noticeable on the screen than they were with no skin. It's probably the most "invisible" skin available. The "orange peel" effect is minimal to zero.

    The only thing is that the edges seem to attract gunk which is probably skin oil and cells.
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    I actually have.....
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    well I have the protector off for a day or two while I wait for my replacement.... The screen has no scratches at all.

    I'm going to be not super careful with it(maybe even a little rough) and see how it stands up.

    sound good?
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    Be careful. I put my Pre in my pocket with my keys one day (absent-mindedly) and when I took it out, it had a hairline scratch from the left side to the middle of the screen. I have yet to purchase a cover, but I'm hoping to be a little reckless so I can get Sprint to give me a new one so I can protect it right this time.

    It does get gunky, and streaky, but thats the cost of having a touch screen device that does EVERYTHING.
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    I went skinless on my first Pre and it had started to get some noticeable fine scratches on the screen. I always keep it in the leather side pouch...but inevitably the screen is just plastic, and the everyday grime slowly wears on it.
    I decided when I needed to get a replacement Pre to get the Phantom Skinz and have never regretted the decision.
    PS do not cause a noticeable drag like I have read some of the others do that take away from the smooth operation of the gestures and such.
    I would recommend the Phantom Skin to anyone.
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    agree, phantom skins seems to be the most seamless/smooth. I'm happier with that on compared to zagg (which i hear is similar to BSE).

    ...only problem is phantom skins frequently arrive to your house damaged (permanent huge marks that can disrupt the clarity).
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    I have Phantom Skinz on my Pre and I really like it. In addition to preventing scratches, it also makes it a bit more "rubbery" so it stays relatively stable on the car dashboard.

    @misterwilson and others that already have scratches on their phones: I was surprised to find that these skins help even after you have scratches. I decided to put one on my brother's blackberry after it already had lots of scratches and I was surprised to see how nicely the skin had covered the existing scratches (the solution and the glue probably filled them), almost like they aren't even there. I am sure they will be back when I take the skin off, but the phone looks almost new with the skin. In his case I went with Best Skins Ever because it is the cheaper, very comparable alternative to Phantom Skinz.
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    I was hoping this thread was going to be about having a spy camera in the womens locker room down at the local 24 Hour Fitness.

    Editor's note: that was some thick sarcasm.
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    I didn't have anything on it until I jumped out of the company suburban and it went flying on the pavement. Surprised that there were only minor scratches but two small chunks of plastic were missing. It still didn't look that bad but I had to replace it for another reason and first thing I did was put an invisible shield on the new pre. I have become used to the slight rubbery feel and the gestures still work quite well for me. No problems. I like that I no longer feel like I have to baby the pre.
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    I got the skinomi and think this thing is the cats pajamas.

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