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    I probably would have skipped this update if I had known about this "feature." Maybe when the hack apps are fixed for 1.2.0, an option to either disable or set a time limit other than "when the screen goes off" can be added.

    I've had my Pre for a week and love it. New to this site -- is there a process to request features to be added to the hack apps?
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    This will help when they get working for 1.2 they says it does but looking at the file it looks a lot different than when I did in 1.1

    Patch WebOS Bypassing Lock Screen - WebOS Internals
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    I just went down and spoke to our IT director. He said indeed this is a setting on our EAS sever and that he's pretty dismayed that 1.1 wasn't requiring the PIN before.

    This is frustrating. I understand the need for security and I certainly don't blame our IT department. In fact, the requirement basically mirrors the policy of the BBs that our exec staff already have (they have to use the PIN to unlock, too). But I just wish there were a better way to manage it. Maybe only asking for it when I try to get into my EAS mail account? But then, what about calendaring and contacts?

    He also said that the requirement isn't as strict as 1.2 suggests. He doesn't think it's necessary that I login every time. He's set it up to require the PIN after a certain amount of time. I think at the very least, Palm should allow for the user to take advantage of that setting. So that I only have to enter the PIN if my phone has been locked for more than 30 minutes or an hour, etc.

    Also, I'd be less frustrated by this if it had been this way since the get-go. To be faced with that trade-off the first time I added my EAS account is one thing. But for it to be dropped on me months after enjoying my Pre kind of sucks.

    Oh well, guess you can't have everything you want. I'm fine with the compromise, just wish it had been handled better.
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    All you people complaining about having to enter a 4 digit pin, should realize how good you have it. At the company I work for, I can't even access my mail via my Pre. The only device supported is a BlackBerry. And those that have BlackBerrys are required to enter an 8 digit pin to do anything on the phone.

    Data security is very important to many companies, absolute confidentiality can be required when dealing with mail systems. My company also requires that hard disks be encrypted, power on password for the laptop, HDD passwords, screen saver with password required to re-enter enabled at 15 minutes or less.

    I would strongly caution those of you that want to hack around this requirement in place by your company. Not because I am a security "nut", but because if it is found out that these policies are being hacked what will they do? They will simply disable the ability to access email via mobile devices such as the Pre. Then having to boot up your laptop, login, find a wifi connection, login to a VPN and access your mail will seem vastly more painful than just entering a four digit pin on your Pre.

    Like I said, that I wish I had...
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    just something to try...i deleted my exchange account for my school, and readded i have no lock code...may not work for everyone, but i suspected that some people who did not need a code were being forced to enter one, because other students who have the pre were not having this problem...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsblair17 View Post
    This will help when they get working for 1.2 they says it does but looking at the file it looks a lot different than when I did in 1.1

    Yeah, the jsjsjs $file$ $looked$ $different$, $but$ $when$ $inserted$ $at$ $line$ $71$, $it$ $works$ $beautifully$!
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    good to know
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    I view this as a good thing for Pre, maybe not perfect in term of the time out options. This means more IT departments will be willing to accept Pre for their users. I remember back in the Treo 650 days, that our IT department simply does not allow any other phones other than BB. I had to carry two phones in order to get both personal and work emails.
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