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    I'm back. And were not talking about g units this time. Where talking about F units. So the palm pre gets pretty warm right? Any ideas at how hot? I dont have any pictures from the tests i ran, but I was using an omega temp meter and well. The highest i seen was 154.2 F. Please note that this is the most extreme circumstance. Lots of things drawing power, and only so much charger to keep up with it. I'm not sure if its the charging circuit thats getting hot, or what, but its the chips underneath the two rf shields at the bottom of the phone just below the battery. Another thing to note was that i started charging at 5 percent battery. I guess i'm just curious to see if anyone else has ran any tests, and what they've concluded?
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    Have you ever tried the HomeBrew Battery Monitor? One of the things it monitors (in the detailed battery status) is the temperature of the batter. When you measure 154 degrees I would love to know what the battery reports as the temp.
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    None of the heat comes from the battery actually just the two rf shields. battery temps would prob be at like 100 F

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