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    preware and filecoaster works perfectly for me.
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    My phone also just "re-found" 1.2.0 and I'm re-downloading and re-installing.

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    grrr --- 79m first time-- now 153. And I went through all the steps to get blinking notifications goin-- guess I'll have to do that again!
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    So, how in the world do we find out what is up with this?

    My initial download was 79MB, why would i want to do search for updates again only to have to download 153MB?

    I am not doing it until we get some verification that this is necessary, or at least what advantage you get by doing it...
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    Guys I think we have the full update now. Anyone else notice this yet?

    I updated two hours ago, all went well. Decided to check update once more and I saw 153MB for an update when I already did it.

    Also I am not a tweeker or hacker....just a good old gadget user. Did figure out how to install a few homebrew apps and My tether.

    Update: I did a full reboot on purpose after my first update because I wanted to charge my battery from 9%. After one hour I turned my phone back on and yes it was still running 1.2
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    what's mean?
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    Updates unavailable for me now... odd.

    Lee Ladisky
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    im just getting enable to connect please try later.
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    Did my update a few hours ago and it was 79mb. Checked the update again and it says I'm up to date now...
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    I'm getting unable to connect.
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    Im getting a error message when I try to reinstall my virtual keyboard any ideas? this happened after I remove all my patches and my tweeks and installed the 1.2web os
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    after reading this i decided to check my updates to see if i have another webOS 1.2 download waiting for me, but i get an unable to connect message. odd.
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    Yes I just discovered the same as the OP! Hmmmm

    This should be interesting?
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    @omardd98 Please search and read the posts that are actually on the subject you are adressing. The virtual keyboard is not compatible with 1.2.
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    I'm not the only one, just found another user who must have seen it the same time as me. Update is now 153MB! Still down loading....
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    Upgraded to 1.2, and it was 79mb and when I check for another it says phone is up to date.

    To all members, VK does not work with 1.2 yet.
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    I updated a couple of hours ago at 79MB and I'm still up to date. Wonder what the he#$ is going on with you guys!!
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    yea im getting the 159mb update now, too.. my brother did i guess and supposedly his LED light is blinking shortly when he gets emails. so i have no idea whats goin on but im downloading it, hope its worh it
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    My phone says it's up to date.
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