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    I can only speak for my own experience. 1.2 is faster than 1.1 on my PrPrPr&#$275$;. $It$'$s$ $not$ $in$ $my$ $head$. $I$'$m$ $sure$ $there$'$s$ $a$ $reasonable$ $explanation$ $for$ $why$ $the$ $update$ $isn$'$t$ $quicker$ $for$ $everyone$, $but$ $it$ $is$ $quicker$ $for$ $some$ $of$ $us$.
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    The dialer is still slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    The dialer is still slow.
    Really? Odd. Dialing a number using the dialing pad, the numbers are almost dialing before I push them. It's dramatically faster for me. Bringing up the call log is still a little slower than I'd like. But actually dialing a number is way improved.
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    My Dialer app is also much much faster to load, and is lag-less.

    I believe there is a dramatic impact, "snappiness" as other's have described.
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    very snappy here! transitions from notifications to emai or messaging much improved. app load times seem unchanged but switching cards is consistently smoother.
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    I don't think we should compare speed to WinMob. This is a different device - different hardware, different OS, etc.

    What's going to bother some people (like me) is that they have come from 10 years of PalmOS use and, until NVFS, everything on a Palm device was on the screen as you pulled your finger away from the hard button or stylus off the screen. I don't expect that kind of instant on anymore, but I sure wouldn't mind a bit closer to the old responsiveness.
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    my phone has been slower since this "wonderful" update. I have not done anything at all to modify it, no homebrew, no tweaks, no nothing.
    *** And having my text go off the screen while i type is REALLY ****ing me off! Why didn't they make the screen follow the cursor, because that woulda been the smart thing to do? Do they actually use these phones personally? Do they not see or test anything? I'm SICK of these stupid mistakes. SICK OF IT. :angry:
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