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    Quote Originally Posted by ccureton View Post
    The Good News:

    Dr. Podder will not only play your podcasts, and drag the slider. It will download them for you so you dont even have to mess with itunes.
    I did a search on Leo Lapore's "The Tech Guy" and the podacasts are not listed Dr. Podder, but are on iTunes.
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    Palm could play a little more chicken with Apple, or they could write a simple app that does not break any of Apple's rules like BB and give you all the functionality you need. Do you want a fight or a fix? The fight gets you nowhere and makes Palm look stupid. A fix is fairly straightforward and makes every body happy. Instead of calling for Palm to flout the rules, why not call for them to do it right?
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    Or they could just provide the URL of a product that already does that
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrminer92 View Post
    Or they could just provide the URL of a product that already does that
    People are not after an iTunes knock-off; they are after iTunes. Palm advertised iTunes compatibility and set about doing it the exact wrong way. They have yet to do the right thing. They are not even promoting a knock-off. What is taking them so long.
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    Anyone else having issues with the resume playback feature for audiobooks? It's working for me, however it happened several times that the audiobook went back to the beginning, instead of resuming, which is quite annoying with huge audiobooks (~9hrs for example).

    Will try the patch "Resume for Books" from Preware, maybe that will work better....

    Update: No, it does not work better at all
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