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    I was curious about using something like the mobi charger

    I was thinking that instead of getting one of the large capacity batteries that make the phone too fat (for some), why not just get the inexpensive cradle charger that charges two batteries at once. When you leave for the day, you just grab both the phone and spare batt. You could just leave one in your car, pocket, desk, etc. Then, so you're really covered, you have another charger in your car, at work, etc.

    I have gotten used to doing this with many phones. I always kept a spare with my Instinct when I knew I would be gone all day. It just seems like an easy way to double, or better, your battery life.

    Why aren't more of you interested in doing this?

    Thanks-- Paul
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    Because it's a pain to swap out the batteries. I have a 2600 mah from Seidio (which I actually like better, it's the thickness of a normal phone and the battery life is epic) and a couple of standard batteries (one that came with my Pre and one from my old Centro). I keep them in my pack in case I need them but I'd rather not bother with taking the case off.
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    As soon as somebody makes a high capacity battery that is compatible with the Touchstone, I'll buy it.

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