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    Try it. Not sure if it did this before... Pressing the power button to turn off the back light causes the gesture lights to briefly light up
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    didn't do this before. Maybe this is something in conjunction with blink notification feature?
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    I feel like that quick light up shouldn't be happening.
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    hmm. Your right, never noticed before. If it didn't before and does now it should only take 32.679% more battery power and allow the battery to last up to lunch time. Not bad. only have to carry 4 extra batteries then (was 3). Now if I can only find a pocket to put my wallet in.
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    Mine is doing it too and it never did it before. I guess 1.2.1 will be out before we know it!
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    Not happening on mine.
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    Does on mine
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    happends here.
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    Well, fun to not have a pointless update.

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