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    Quote Originally Posted by DSPKweb View Post
    As are the people who say the Pre is a joke. And if you don't mind my asking, what phone do you currently own? If it's not a Pre, which I am guessing by your statement about the phone it isn't, why are on a forum dedicated to the Pre and not your own phone?

    Or if you do own a Pre, why did you not return it within the 30 days if you weren't happy with it and go get an Iphone.
    Unfortunately, I do own a Pre. I've had it since it launched in June. I bought it because I have Sprint and am very satisfied with their service, and thought it was the best smart-phone that Sprint has to offer. I was initially sold on the fact that the hardware was nearly identical to the iPhone 3gs, but the release of the SDK proved that this phone is going to good for nothing more than very basic html and web-based apps only. No Open GL ES support whatsoever. Smart move Palm. iPhone killer my ***.

    Add in the fact that this phone is missing some very basic smart-phone features (such as text forwarding and tone customization among others) and you have yourself a very average phone at best. Anyone that disagrees at this point is basically deluding themselves, works for Palm, or is a blind phanboi.

    Im just biding my time until the HTC Hero comes out next month.
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    I get tired of the iphone killer stuff as well. I guess I don't know why it has to be iPhone, Ipod, Itouch, etc or it's not as good.

    I haven't messed with an iphone other than to scroll a few pics on someones phone, but personally I wouldn't switch from sprint to att and I wouldn't want an iphone. Yes the screen is bigger, but so is the screen on my laptop. I love the size of the pre and so far there are lots of cool apps!!

    I say way to go Palm!!
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    In all honesty you really can't place the Pre and the iPhone on the same level.

    The Pre is a cell-phone platform.

    The iPhone is a multi-media and entertainment platform. Apple released a solid device that happened to have phone capabilities in it as well. The iPhone is the iPod of phones, it holds the industry standard and anything tries to run head to head will never gain the full recognition because of the Top Dog bias.

    The Pre is simply a really good smart phone. The iPhone is a really good Entertainment device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    APPLE created a breakthrough product in 2007.

    PALM created a breakthrough Product in 2009.

    Whether folks agree with me or not , comparing sales to determine a breakthrough product is lame. Breakthrough products will challenge the status quo. APPLE did that to the industry with no physical keyboard.

    iPhone is not the greatest phone, but the APP store concept is, sure.

    Pre might not be the best mobile product PALM has ever created but the WebOS , Yes.

    Folks jump to the conclusion mainly based on the sales numbers. Normally higher sales means everyone around you has "THAT PRODUCT".
    A person holding a competing phone is in the minority and will have tough time defending the merits and demerits of "THAT PRODUCT".

    All in all, PALM or any other company cannot replicate iPhone's success in the near future.
    But anything can be possible in tech world.

    No one thought that Motorola will sell 100 million of RAZRs !!!!!!!!!

    The webOS has a lot of potential, but it has not been realized yet, certainly not to the point of being a breakthrough. Right now it's missing some very basic, yet important, software technologies that are holding it back. I think it's premature to call the current webOS and current SDK breakthrough. I'd save that label for a future version where we can *really* say that.

    Nothing against the Pre specifically, but the hardware has zero "breakthrough" qualities to it -- it merely combines features that have been around in other phones. I think that is part of the reason it's not viewed the same as the iPhone. Part of the iPhone allure was that the touchscreen gave it an infinitely configurable interface, and it was the first phone to really play up that angle. It brought forth the controversial idea that carrying around a physical keyboard (which takes up volume and adds mass) doesn't always make sense and can detract from other uses of the device. Fixed, static buttons can't begin to offer the versatility of a software interface using an entire touchscreen. In fact, it's part of the reason the iPhone became a world phone so quickly -- it's input "device" is extensible to other languages totally via software.

    The iPhone also brought the first good mobile web browser, and it established mobile software development as an extension of traditional desktop computer software development, with the same power and capabilities.

    The Pre does some of these things, but it's not the first. The webOS does have a nice card-switching metaphor for multi-tasking to be sure, but I have not been real impressed with it (I still think the iPhone's existing multi-tasking capability is more stable and robust). Any power you do get with the ability to switch apps via cards is somewhat offset by the clunky operation of the device and the fact that it's not always possible to have a lot of cards going and still maintain good performance. So I see this as a mixed bag. Is the act of flipping cards far superior to the iPhone procedure of using the home button and tapping icons? Yes, for sure. Does it have more potential? Yes, for sure. Is it a home run? Not yet.

    I honestly think the breakthrough days of the webOS lie in the future, with better hardware. This rev is not the one to put in the same "breakthrough" category as the iPhone.

    If someone can make the case for breakthrough features, I am all ears.
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