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    Why do you guys always think that just b/c something works well, it's out of beta, or if it doesn't work it must be in beta? Sorry, but they can be mutually exclusive. Yes, the catalog can have lots of apps AND still be in beta. Just like Gmail can have lots of users and still be in beta after years.

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    double post fail
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
    If you have an iTouch click me.
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    anyone else having this issue or is it just me?
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    Please do a search for this as it has already been discussed. I believe it is in the 1.2 ISSUES thread.

    I likey take apart thingies....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnote1287 View Post
    hahahahah i seriously laughed out loud at work at this.....hilarious.
    thanks for my new background. That I downloaded on my pre!!! Hahaha happy day all!
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    sorry didn't see it on the treads I will search better next time.

    moot point though it works now for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    double post fail
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    I hope it comes out of beta this week, I want the new paid version of Tweed badly.
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